WIP Wednesday

As you can tell by my sporadic postings of this thing, I’ve thought about changing it to Whatever Wednesday.

Bad jokes aside, the reason for my general quietness is work. Lots and lots of work. I’ve got essays and other crap flowing out my ears; tons of books backlogged to review. Not fun. On top of that, I’m editing my finished book with the help of a few beta readers, so I can send it in for the free submission by Angry Robots. And I’m trying to maintain a blog with the cold setting in on Texas. Not fun. Not fun at all.

But you didn’t come here to hear me gripe. (Unless you did, which would be weird. I actually have a post about that. Gets high traffic, too.)


WIP Wednesday. That was where I was going. Yeah.

See, I’m at the plotting stage of book 2. Trying to do the whole thing, or at least the small percentage of the whole thing, the backbone you could say, before putting pen to paper. I’ve got the prologue down. Fun, tighter novel, I think.

As I said, not here to listen to me ramble. YOU WANT PICTURES.

The above is a clockwork beetle, a big plot point in my second book. Can anyone say “biological weapons?” Well, you’d only get that if you’ve read the first book. Yeah.

(I really need to work on my jokes. Suggestion box already set out.)

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