About Me

Name’s Caleb.

I’m a voracious reader, no matter what the medium.

I’m also a born and bred Texan. Literate Southerner, if you will. When it comes to reading, my tastes delve toward Science Fiction, Fantasy, Psychological Horror, and Mysteries. I’ve been known to entertain Historical Fiction and Literary Fiction. I think my biggest love is for the New Weird and Fantasy Noir.

More than a reviewer, I’m a writer, and will leave it at that. I tend to overuse the comma, an understatement, and the parentheses. (Not necessarily an understatement.)

And my nicknames are vast. Chief to my dad, Chill on any forum I frequent, Shaggy to many strangers, and Sheldon to nearly everyone else. (Yes, the Big Bang Theory.) Call me what you want. The KKK still won’t return my calls, no matter how many aliases I give them.

Twitter: @Caleb_GH

Goodreads: Caleb Hill

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