Here’s some links for you gents and ladies:

Dull Boredom– One of my writer bud’s websites. Crazy guy.

Dot. Dot. Quote.- A writer bud’s writer-ly journal.

Wilder’s Book Review– Another writer bud, but this is predominately a genre review blog, as the name entails. Really great speculative fiction place to visit.

Once Upon A Time– For all you chick lit readers who enjoy fantasy too, a place to read reviews of them.

Travels Through Iest– One more review spot, by another writer and Urban Fantasy lover. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued. But still a ton of reviews to read.

Purple Dove House– But if you wanted to continue with his work, read up on the guy’s writing journey here.

A Bitter Draft– Great review spot by a Bostonian Historian. If ever there was a title, he’d have a great one.

Over the Effing Rainbow– As you guessed, another review website. Nice place to lounge about and find cool books.

Fantasy Faction– Only the best place for anything speculative fiction. They also have a great forum to discuss the genre. Highly recommended.

Sing, Muses!- A place to sit back, relax, and read some reviews. Very sensible reviews.

Musings of Stone– One more review blog, but for both books and movies. Crazy guy, I’ll admit.

Book Reviews Forevermore– A very thought provoking reviewer of all things genre.

Thinking About Books– A very detailed reviewer that seems to churn out the reviews day by day.

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