WIP Wednesday

An update of sorts; I’m doing a major bit of planning. For the entire book. Yep. I finished plotting the whole thing, or at least the broad strokes. I’m confident that this book will be better than the previous one. It’s sharper and better poised. My characters feel natural, and the plot isn’t some confusing explosion at the end. Nor is it a dark and moody mess. I think the James Bond music is helping hone my craft. Don’t know if Soundgarden has anything to do with that.

In other news, I’ve rewritten the second chapter twice. Barely even touched the first or prologue. Hope that’s a good sign.

I’m finding that dialogue and action are the easy parts. If I’ll just stop worrying about what the characters and go with what they think (yes, they think and talk to me) then I’ll be fine. If not, well, you get character development.

Anyway, the next book has a sub-plot which focuses on sea people and a drowned continent. To help visualize the terrors of the deep, I have “Bronze Allure Left Side” by Galindorf. Or, what I like to call, scary anglerfish.

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