WIP Wednesday

Technically it’s Thursday, but I don’t live by the rules.

This is a new thing I’m about to start for my writing part of the blog, to help the edits go by quicker and the creativity keep on pumping. I’ll post little things on Hump Day pertaining to my WIP. Sometimes it’ll be pictures; (most of the time) others might deal with info about the secondary world. Might be kin to a Lost Pages.

Anyway, here’s a fancy shot of what my narrator could be construed as, if you were to think of him as a Byronic Hero instead of a nasty criminal mastermind. *cough* Consulting Criminal *cough* It’s a much younger shot of him, more brooding and maniacal than cold and calculating. I don’t know if this best shows the flashback period or the present thread. Perhaps both, if the grit was a little more prominent. But still, a nice shot that I stumbled upon by complete chance. (Don’t forget the cravat!)

Credit to the artist: exquisite55

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