Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth Cover Reveal!

So, I’ve got exciting news. First cover reveal. And I’m chuffed to say it’s for an awesome friend of mine, Andrez Bergen. You all know how much I rave about his work, so I thought it was time to help his (and the artist’s) career out a little more. Hype is never a bad thing, right?

Well, I was lucky enough to see a little sneak preview of the WIP cover of his latest novel, Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth. Yeah, it’s a real mouth-full. But man does it sound awesome.

Think female protagonist, set in 1986. Goth/post-punk references, a mystery/crime/comic books/coming-of-age yarn and… a little horror. Set in Melbourne. And not.

Anyway, enough waffling. Here’s the picture. Not the full sha-bang, I’ll have you know, but that won’t happen till sometime in February, when the book’ll be close to released. So…as I said, I got’s to stir up some hype for a fabulous and much anticipated book of 2014.

Without further ado, I present to you “Dancing Puppet” by Kyme Chan, what will be the cover of Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth by Andrez Bergen.

dancingpuppet_print_smallest of all

Ain’t it a keeper? I just love the cold, Gothic look. Subtle, I know. And the strings, manipulation, and fear? All hints at what’s to come.

I can’t wait for this one. You can expect a grand review for this bad boy (er, girl). And credit to Kyme Chan. Go check out some of her work here, iff’n you want to. I would.

Later, space cowboys. See you sometime in early 2014. (Or next week. That’s good too.)

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