A Late New Year’s Resolution

“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.”

-Oscar Wilde

Right now, you’ve probably read the title and are either curious or frightened. Maybe a little of both. Well, this next sentence isn’t going to ease your nerves one bit. But I’ll throw out the reasons for my lack of posting, my excuses and apologies, and get right to the point.

A guy I follow, over at http://codyschaber.wordpress.com/ goes by this little thing called “posting every Saturday.” Spurred by his action, I think I’ll take the same route. Now, there will be odd posts in between the week, say if I have some good news (or bad) to share with y’all. Or maybe I have a review or short story to post. More on that later.

As some of you may know from reading my tweets way back then, I struggled with time for college. That burst in posts you saw in December was my time off. College Algebra, as I like to call it considering I’m a junior in high school, was the bane of my semester. It took up nearly every free and stressful moment of my time.

I’m glad to say Art Appreciation took its place. See, the class is so easy I might end up failing it. All I have to do is contribute to discussions once a week and take my quizzes and exams on time. But this semester is already stretched thin with extracurricular events. So I procrastinate. Probably shouldn’t do that.

Literary Criticism was my English class last year. Now it’s Literary Appreciation, a soothing class that is basically me reading books to enjoy literature. I love the class.

Reading brings me to my next topic: Reviews.

After I finished The Yard in the middle of January, I started on Mark Charan Newton’s City of Ruin. He’s a great writer with noir mixed in, something I love, but halfway in, he threw a deus ex machine twist that didn’t work for me. I set it down for The Quantum Thief, ran through that, and took up Struck by Lightning on pure chance. Well, after I finished these two, I should’ve went back to City of Ruin, right? No. Instead, I jumped on a book that’s been sitting on my bookshelf for a while, Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. Went to the library the other day and saw they had the second book in the series. Great.

But the real kicker is Literary Appreciation requires that I read The Confession by John Grisham. I’m not complaining. Any excuse to read him is a good one. But I also have a writer who’s going to send me his manuscript so I can read over it. More fuel for the fire.

As you can tell, my TBR list is up the roof. I’ll probably finish this all by March or so. At least I hope.

To another topic, in my absence, there’s been a genre blog spring up nearly overnight. I’m glad to say he’s in my writing group, as are some of his guest posters. The ones who aren’t in my writing group are friends of mine, internet pals if you want to. But I recommend going over there to see anything of SFF value. Great place.  http://wildersbookreview.blogspot.co.uk/

On to my writing.

Part 1 of my novel is almost finished. I only have one more chapter to write and push it through some edits before I send it off to a beta reader. Yeah, I’m weird like that. But it helps solve some inconsistencies that broke me in my previous novel. And I’m also kind of excited to start plotting again.

Sticking with that same motive, I might try my hand at posting a short story once a month on here, just to show my writing off. It’ll either be set on my main secondary world, or on my Cyberpunk-esque world with my resident joker criminal. He’s fun to write about.

I do apologize for this list like rant about what I plan to do. But hopefully you’ll see some more posts and vision in the tunnel. If not, oh well.

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