“’Why did you save me?’

‘I didn’t save you. You saved me.’”

Jason Statham doesn’t make a bad movie, evident in what looked like a prequel to The Transporter. Jokes aside, this action movie is heads above the rest. But as I said, Statham has yet to make a movie I don’t rank as amazing.

Luke (Statham) is an ex-cop trying to make a living boxing. But when one fight goes bad, just from one punch, his life spirals downhill.

I’ve always hated the kind of movies that hinge on coincidences, especially ones that deal with ex-cops coming into some grand scheme to save the day, all by being at the right place at the right time.

But the writers did a great job, playing off that cliché, making every bad guy, which there are many, slippery and backstabbing.

This is shown in the early bits, when the NYPD’s upper officer starts seeing which one of the local crime gangs will make him a better offer on a disturbance that he gets caught up in.

That in itself was a mistake.

See, the three groups, the Chinese, the Russians, and the Cops are all looking for this one Chinese girl, a brilliant little girl who can memorize long strings of numbers just by a glance. You can see where this leads, the number she is tasked with memorizing leading to a safe of some sorts.

That’s all great, but Statham comes in to the middle to unexpectedly save the girl. All from a curiosity; maybe it was because the guys that were looking for her had killed his wife? Who knows?

“’What is she to you?’


As known, I love action movies. And this one was amazing. Only Statham can kill a guy with a fork to the throat, then jump over the divider in one amazing stunt to take down the rest of the idiots.

But it is in the relationship with the little girl that this story truly blossoms.

She’s seen a lot, seen people get killed, and naturally has some trusting issues to work out. As it turns out, all Luke is trying to do is save the girl, caring little about the prize they’re all searching for.

“’Are we safe yet?

‘One day at a time, Mei. One day at a time.’”

In that connection does the story become great. But as stated, you’ll be hard pressed to find a movie that Statham performs poorly. Unless you’re not that into action movies. Then I’ll start praying.

Rating: 8.5/10

7 thoughts on “Safe

  1. Oh, I heard about this movie. Good to hear it’s good. Going to add it in with Bourne Legacy for movies to watch. This is going to be a busy summer if you keep doing these reviews, Caleb. xD

    • Oh, just you wait. Netflix is piled with a lot of movies. Seeing as I don’t have a summer job yet (meaning no one will hire this guy or call them back) I have the evenings to watch a movie and review the thing. If I’m not writing.

      Four a week doesn’t sound bad, does it? 😛

      • Haha, that’s completely insane… and brilliant. : ) Might do the same. I’ll post a review on the days you don’t have one ready. xD

        So far, I’m considering a review for No Country for Old Men, Vertigo, Life of Pi, Rear Window, and Chinatown. Which would you like to read about first?

      • No Country for Old Men and Life of Pi. Hated the first, loved the second. Going to watch The Road by McCormac (the author of NCfOM) soon, maybe next week. Really excited.

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