An Interesting Month for Gaming

An Interesting Month for Gaming

This is my second post in March, and as you know, February was last month. The title refers to last month. And yes, it was interesting, up until the last moments of the 28th. I’ll expand upon my findings now.

The beginning of the month wasn’t anything amazing. Nothing new for me, that is, until February 20th when E3 came to light.
Of course everyone was expecting the Playstation 4. I know I was. Now, I’m not going to get into the dispute ever gamer does when the Playstation concerns the Xbox. Not going there, just going to comment and say I’m a Sony kind of guy.

As it stands, the Playstation 4 is a thinly disguised PC, made more for gaming than anything like browsing the internet to read my posts. Enhanced graphics, more memory, faster processing speeds? Maybe now all of us can enjoy Skyrim on it. Oh wait, Microsoft still gave Bethesda a huge check. And Sony didn’t. Oh well.

That will all be remedied with the new Witcher 3: The Great Hunt.

Yeah, I was pretty excited when I saw that. I didn’t play the first Witcher, watched others, and haven’t even looked at Witcher 2. But this one, bound straight for the Playstation 4, truthfully looks stunning. Dark Fantasy RPGs have always been my niche in gaming. I love them. My sister’s more of a 1st person shooter. Go figure.

But anyway, I don’t have much info on the Witcher 3 besides that. Nor do I have anything else on my next topic.

Assassin’s Creed 3 was the most anticipated game of 2012 for me. I couldn’t wait for it. Revelations is one of my all-time favorite games, so I was expecting AC3 to blow it out of the water. Not a chance. Biggest disappointment of 2012. But now I have AC4 to look forward to in October.

Have I ever mentioned that my writing group is called the Pirates? Yeah, well, AC4 is all about pirates, set before AC3 in the Caribbean. Looks awesome. I hope it’s better than its predecessor.

Then we have stuff like the new Final Fantasy, another 13 to add onto. The first one was great, second one not so much. This third one looks to be “a mixture of Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy.” Hmm. Let’s hope that’s a good thing.

One game I’m anticipating in the summer is The Last of Us. Basically, it’s a Post-Apocalyptic story that instead of zombies, we have fungal people. Good to see the gaming industry milk this popular genre. But what really excites me is the game focuses on sound and stealth, more so than Dishonored did. That was one factor that made me love that game. Seriously can’t wait. Made by the same people who create the Drake games. Yeah.

But the real kicker for February was not something that I had ever expected. I learned of this only on the last few days of the month.

Diablo 3 will be coming to the PS3 and PS4 near the end of the year. Thank the Lord.

I didn’t want to mess with the servers when it was first released, plus I don’t have a good computer with all the necessary bits. I have a Playstation to game on, not a PC. So you can’t imagine my family’s excitement when I told them the news. (My mother is probably one of the biggest fans of the game. She started with the first one sixteen years ago.)
So yeah, that’s just the few things that pop to mind for February.

And to add more to the plate, I’ll try and do some gaming reviews. You say you don’t like reviews, they’re boring? Well I don’t care.

Any games you’re interested about for the year of 2013? Put them in the comments. I might add them to my TBP list. (To Be Played)

5 thoughts on “An Interesting Month for Gaming

  1. Two words, my friend, two words: Bioshock Infinite. 😀

    I wanted to play AC3, but I’m exclusively a PC gamer (no elitist reasons, I’m just ham-handed with controllers) and by the time Ubisoft had made the port a month after initial release, I’d read some pretty mediocre reviews. AC4 looks pretty interesting though, so I’ll be keeping an ear to the floor for that.

    Also, I had no idea the Last of Us had fungal people. I saw the trailer, assumed it was zombies and got bored. Huh, guess I’ll have to take another look. 🙂

  2. I watched the trailer to Bioshock Infinite; read somewhere that Dishonored had the same art Bioshock. Got really excited. Sadly, I thought it would be darker than what it is. More bright Steampunk than the darker Dishonored. (That I loved.)

    Will need to check on it some more, though.

    • Heh, I’m of the impression that Dishonored took a little pinch of Bioshock’s atmosphere — though, as you say, infinite is definitely much, much brighter.

      I liked Dishonored well enough. Its strongest aspects are by far its worldbuilding and combat, but I found the plot and the characters to be such an utter flat-line. It’s a shame when compared to stealth games such as thief, whose voiced protagonist gave the game endless personality.

      Having said that, I really hope the Dishonored developers make another game set in the same universe. Given that they made an entire map of the world, I’m given to believe that they may plan to do so. There’s still a lot of potential. 🙂

  3. To me, Infinite looked like a circus on first glance. Dishonored was more post-apocolyptic circus. 😛

    But yeah, I wish it had been longer. The resolution was satisfying, but the plot was so simple. The characters were nearly non-exsistent. The tone and atmosphere was what I enjoyed about it. Read somewhere that Dishonored is now a franchise. *fingers crossed*

    • Aw, but steampunk circus 😛

      Hopefully they’ll do away with that infernal moral choice system too. I have to go for the good ending in games, which — where Dishonored was concerned — meant I only had about two attacks I could ever use out of the several different flavors of murder.

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